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Nitron A-35 is a natural soil conditioner that is the key to successful organic gardening. It is the home garden product that releases soil nutrients and compliments fertilizers and compost.


The key to unlocking your soil’s potential!


Some gardeners make the mistake of accepting the soil they have and hoping for the best. This is true for those who are gardening beginners, as well as experienced gardeners. Nitron A-35 will improve your soil, no matter the texture, and bring out the nutrients in your fertilizer and compost.


All plants are rooted in your soil; it is the anchor for growth. Lawn and garden soil conditions can play a major role in your organic gardening success. Nitron A-35 will improve soil texture, activate and release nutrients, and aid in germination 100% naturally.


How it Works


Nitron A-35 is a soil conditioner that acts as an enzyme catalyst. It activates and releases garden soil nutrients; even those that are ordinarily not available. As a liquid, Nitron A-35 is easily sprayed on the soil, lawn, garden, trees, shrubs, pastures, and farmland. Nitron A-35 is not a fertilizer, it brings out the most in your organic fertilizer or compost.


  • Improves soil texture. For clay, hardpan, and other poor soil types, Nitron A-35 can be the answer to rebuilding the soil to a workable texture in which plants can grow and produce.
  • Activates unavailable nutrients. Nitron A-35 works well with all of our organic fertilizers and soil building products. In fact, Nitron A-35 breaks chemical bonds in the soil. This action releases natural nutrients, many of which are not otherwise available.
  • Improves Germination. Nitron A-35 increases the germination percentage rate of seeds and it reduces seed germination time. In addition, it aids in root development, reduces transplant shock, and helps detoxify the soil.


Why Natural is Better


Nitron A-35 is made of 100% natural enzymes and is safe for your family, home, lawn, and garden. Instead of spending money on harmful chemical fertilizers, you can rely on this home garden product to build the soil fertility naturally. Improved soil quality means a healthier lawn and garden, safe for children and pets.


The National Garden Association reports that Americans spent 35.2 billion on their lawn and gardens in 2005. An organic lawn and garden can be affordable and just as effective and easy to maintain. The chemicals used on the lawn make their way into our homes, rivers, and streams. You can make a sustainable and safe choice by switching to natural, organic products for your lawn and garden.




House plants: Add 1 tsp. of Nitron per quart of water. Apply not less than once or twice a month. Do not over water plants.  Use the same ratio for transplants and cuttings. Use 1/4 tsp. per quart of water when misting house plants.


Lawn and garden: Apply one quart of Nitron per 2500 square feet to achieve desired results Nitron must be incorporated into the soil, either by tilling to a depth of 1 to 2 inches or by watering thoroughly.


Shrubs and trees: Apply 1/4 cup of Nitron per foot of height. In good soil conditions, 1/2 to 3/4 cup is adequate. Mix with water and apply evenly within the drip line area. Follow with thorough soaking.


Roses: Apply 1/4 to 1/2 cup per gallon of water for each rose plant.


Yearly application: Two applications per year for gardens, lawns and landscaping. Rates of application may be reduced in following years as soil improves.


For other uses such as treating bareroot stock, germinating seeds please contact Nitron's office during normal business hours.


To prevent foaming always add Nitron after water has been placed in container.