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ALFALFA MEAL 3-1-2 IS AN ALL NATURAL / ORGANIC FERTILIZER MADE FROM FERMENTED ALFALFA PLANTS.IT IS GREAT AT REPLENISHING WORN OUT SOILS. Alfalfa Meal works as an organic fertilizer utilizing microbacteria to break down and produce heat that accelerates the decomposition of minerals within the meal. Rhizobacteria activity processes the nutrients further, making them more readily available for use by the plant. Using Alfalfa Meal is easy, it provides an alternative to other organic fertilizers such as blood meal or compost that may contain excessive amounts of nitrogen for more delicate plants. 

Alfalfa Meal is a rapid decomposer, and can naturally generate a lot of heat in a short amount of time. This heat generating ability means that Alfalfa Meal is a good accelerant for use with any compost pile. Mulching Alfalfa Meal into the main body of the pile will aid decomposition and produce quicker results. 

Whether you use it to fertilize your plants or accelerate your compost, Alfalfa Meal is a fantastic way to help your garden achieve higher yields, more abundant fruit and increased fertility.



Light Application: 12 lbs per 1,000 square feet, 1/4 cup per plant or 1 lb per 20 ft row

Normal Application: 25 lbs per 1,000 square feet, 1/3 cup per plant or 2 lb per 20 ft row

Heavy Application: 50 lbs per 1,000 square feet, 1/2 cup per plant or 3 lb per 20 ft row

Derived from: Alfalfa