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Tomato Booster from SANDY KNOLL FARMS is the key to growing tomatoes that are naturally full of flavor and rich in color!

Tomato Booster is the key to growing spectacular tomato plants!

Anyone who has bitten into a home-grown, vine-ripened tomato understands the rewards of gardening with tomatoes. Tomato plants are easy to grow and just a few plants will provide enough fruit for your entire family. Because they thrive in the summer heat, they are the favorite summer vegetable in gardens across the country.

The variety of tomato plants available makes gardening with tomatoes an adventure in color, size, and flavor. No matter which varieties you choose to grow, Nitron’s Tomato Booster will bring out the best in your tomatoes. Tomato Booster extends the life of your tomato plants, intensifies the color, and increases the flavor. If you are looking for the top tomato growing product, Nitron’s Tomato Booster is it.

How it Works

Tomato Booster is an all natural formula made up of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, catalytic enzymes, seaweed extract, fish hydrolysate, trace elements, and natural growth regulators. Tomato Booster helps produce incredible yields and strong vibrant plants. Here is what world renowned Master Gardener Frank Finger had to say about Tomato Booster: "If you do one thing for your tomatoes this year, make sure to use Tomato Booster."

Why Natural is Better

As more people begin to understand the dangers of chemical fertilizers, particularly on children, they are making the wise choice to go organic.  Natural and organic products such as Nitron's Tomato Booster, builds soil fertility by increasing biological activity, it is less toxic to the environment and safer in every way.

Most chemical fertilizers, which are synthetic compounds, contain nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, three nutrients plants need to survive. However, tomato plants need much more than these three. Many of the nutrients they need are already present in the soil. When these potent chemicals are added to soil, they can overload the tomato plant and cause it to become imbalanced. Tomato plants treated with chemical fertilizers appear to be healthy and abundant, but the protein quality is depleted and they are more susceptible to disease.

Chemical fertilizers are made from non-renewable resources and petroleum products. This practice is completely unsustainable and contributes to the growing number of concerns for the environment. After the soil is treated with chemical fertilizers, contaminants remain in the soil and can become poisonous. Over time, chemical fertilizers become less affective and eventually leave the soil depleted.

More on Growing Tomato Plants

  • Soil: As with most plants, a rich, loose, well drained soil will give your tomatoes their best start. Supplement your soil with compost before you plant, which will provide the phosphorus your tomato plants need for flowering and fruiting. Potassium is important for strong stems.


  • Planting: Tomato plants like warm soil, so wait until spring weather warms the soil to 60 degrees or higher. Plant your tomatoes deep about 4-5 inches in the ground covering most of the stem, roots will grow from the stem. If the soil is warm or the climate is dry, soil below 6 inches deep will help the tomatoes through the hot summer. Space your plants 1-3 feet apart and leave 3 feet between rows.


  • Care: Tomatoes love moisture, so water them well! Once the soil reaches above 65 degrees, surround the established plants with a mulch. If you have good soil, Tomato Booster is all you need to add for the rest of the season for brilliant tomatoes. Most experienced gardeners pick off the first flowers to ensure the plant establishes roots and foliage before devoting too much energy into forming fruit.


Apply 1 oz of Tomato Booster mixed with one quart of water every two weeks during the growing season.

Derived from: Fish hydrolysate, sea weed, A-35 and humic acid. Also auxins, gibberellins, cytokinins, vitamins and minerals.